My Brother and I went after them again this morning! We got on top of a ridge where we hunt and heard 2 gobblers about 300 yards on another ridge that is posted so we set up and called hoping to get them to come our way! Well they answered every call but would not come and we had almost given up when we turned our heads and looked behind us and hear stood four jakes! Well they had made us and took off before we could get a shot off! So we packed it up and went trout fishing! We got to the creek at 3 and had our limits by five so we decided to go back and hit again! We pulled up at 6:15 and get out of the truck and three turkeys run out about 80 yards and go away from us! So we head up the ridge and had just stepped into a power line clearing, when we hear some fighting just 70-80 yards around the side of the ridge in front of us! We hurried and set up the decoys and backed up into the brush and went to calling! About five minutes go by and we hear a stick pop and here come three redheads and then two more and two more and about eight more! They are headed to our decoys in a hurry straight at us! We had our guns about half way up when they were about 10 yards away and they spotted us and started to run! So I threw my gun up and popped the first one I came across! Dirt rolled him at 25 yards! By the time my brother got around on the rest they were out of range! But we got one at least!

Dang what a great hunt!!! \:\)
5 and a half inch beard with 3/4 spurs!
MY First Turkey Ever!!! \:\) \:\) \:\)

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As Jefferson warned about slavery, it is time we start ringing the "fire bell in the night."

If you're not laughing, You're not hunting hard enough!!