I had one gobbling on roost this morning when I got out of the truck. Went in the woods and got set up about 150 yds from him up hill.
After he flew down he would gobble about every 5 mins trying to get me to come to him.
After about 30 mins of him goobling every time I hit the box call, he finally started up the hill.
My heart was just a racing. I hit the box call one more time and he gobbled about 60 yds out. I could hear him in the leaves. What felt like for every he finally came into my line of sight and was just a strutting. I was kinda disappointed at this time....it was a jake. I got quite and let him strut around for awhile and work away from me.
I had a blast calling him in and watching him act all big and bad even if it was just a jake.

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