If anyone is interested, I have a great deal on some diaphram turkey calls. I've used most of these calls for the last 5 or 6 years and they sound great but I need to get rid of some calls. I've killed all the birds I'm gonna kill this year and I need to start doing more bass fishing. I have 6 of the old Primos type mouth calls, both 3 & 4 reed, and I have 4 of the Knight and Hale cutter calls. The Knight and Hale ones are not in as good as shape as the Primos calls because I've chewed on them a little more to make them fit the roof of my mouth, but they do sound great! Pretty much all of these calls have worked on turkeys some time in the past so if your looking for a good deal, this is it!!

$25 for all of them. PM me if interested. Thanks

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