What a great day. Got picked for the Quota Hunt at Shelby Forest.
Got there after sun up (had to go sign in you know) and set up my chair and blind. Didn't use the decoys even though I carried them in. I heard the old boy gobbling as I was walking in. Heard some other hunters giving it their best shot with some box calls etc. After I got settled in I gave the old wet box a shot and he gobbled but each time someone hit their call he sounded like he was going further away. That old boy was gobbling at anything that made sound just about. I decided to pull out my slate call since the rain let up and put out some sweet low purrr's. Well he couldn't stand it and let out some serious gobbles. The contest was on then, it was whoever could get that old boy to come to them. After about an hour he finally came to me, at about 30 yards out I laid him down with the old Rem 870, 3" #4 shot winchester magnums with the extra full Turkey choke. Man that was a great hunt and to pull him away from the other callers was the icing on the cake. He went 22lbs, 9.5 " beard and 7/8th inch spurs.
I Don't know how to put a pic on here anymore.