Thursday evening, me and a bud decided to put one to sleep. On the way in we took a break and sat in the shade for a minute and lo and behold, two gobblers and several hens cross the hill in front of us. We broke to head them off to beat them to their roost. the way they were coming, we had a 50/50 shot. the hill they were crossing gave them the option to go down two finger ridges to roost. We picked one, stuck with it, and it paid off. With only enough calling (two series of muffled clucks)to let them know where we were, we put our calls in our pockets and here they came. Only the hens gave us a shot, with one gobbler coming to within about 60 yards.

They moved back, unscathed, and we hear walking below the ridge we are set up on. It sounded exactly like a deer, but knew it could be a gobbler. At 8:00pm, this boy stepped to us within 35 yards. 3 1/2 nitro literally blew his beak off.

23 lbs, 9 1/2 inch beard, 1.25 inch spurs.

Witness to the Execution