Well here is the story. I went back home to Pickett County late Thursday night and got up early Friday morning to go hunting. This was only the second time Ive been this year because of school/work stuff. After sitting in the rain for 2 hours and seeing only 2 hens and a jake which were about 300 yards away, I decided to go to a second spot that I had seen alot of turkeys at during deer season. While driving there I saw about 10 turkeys off in a field. I got there and walked down a old trail that leads to the lake. About 100 yards down I called and instantly birds gobbled in 3 different directions. They were all on the other side of the lake though so I didnt think I could get one to come in. Well I tried anyways. I would call and instantly they would gobble back. I would wait awhile and make a few more calls and I could tell one bird was getting closer but still across the lake. He kept on and on gobbling so I just would call once every 10-15 minutes to try and get him fired up enough to fly across. Well it worked! I called and he gobbled he sounded like he was about 75 yards away but I couldnt see him. I made a few soft yelps and he hammered again. I just sat there and was quite and here he came running as hard as he could. He came in to about 30 yards after strutting for a minute or so and I dirt rolled him. During his flopping he managed to knock out 3 tail feathers. Took me about a hour and a half to get him in but I stuck with it and got him.

20 lbs
9 1/2 inch beard
a little over 3/4 inch spurs one was a little longer than the other.

I also had a good hunt on saturday and today as well. Bumped a gobbler and hen saturday morning and never could get him to come back in. Also saw 4 other hens and a jake. Then today saw 6 jakes and 2 hens. Let the jakes walk! Even though it was tempting. Altogether this weekend I saw 7 jakes, alot of hens and 2 gobblers and heard probably 8 or so. I have seen so many jakes this year only going 4 days, at least 15.