First off lemme start this post by saying Thank you so much for the efforts you put forward in trying to get Cody a bird pour thing hasnt never killed one and many opportunities arose on this very day!!!

As Aaron said in the (Spill the Beans Post)started off as we had one blowing the woods down and worked towards another feller away from us, exciting there but the fun was about to start, get to another place and Aaron asked me if I had ever found any Morels I said Y Ya, he said I wish I could find one so I could develop an eye for em, and Ole' Spit looks down at his feet breaks one off the stem and says like this \:D Well after he calls me a show-off and such we picked for about 20 minutes and got the harvest you seen in his post about 30 shrooms and the Legend Continues on the Cow Pelvis Monster of Woodbury!!!

Spot #3

Started up the hill over looking an awesome valley, seen birds off the road pasrked the truck started after em, got to this old dead broken down fence and there in front of us 30 yards was a group of 8 Jakes, ease Cody up the fence in front to shoot one Aaron 2nd and I was the tail of the Train, I started sweet talking to calm the not-so-spooked birds down, and happen to glance to my right and a Coyote didnt enter the scene he was already there bedded down waiting on a turkey, he heard me calling and committed to us only 100 yards on the other side of the ridge, I say Aaron, Aaron Coyote Coyote, he spins around waits for it yotes head pops up he fires ricks a shell fires again! I am 95% sure he killed this yote, and if not I gaurentee you he won't come to no more yelps in his lifetime!!!! Get to piddling around after the shot shich spooked the Jakes but as well all know as turkey hunters to protect our flocks at all times 1st and for most!!! Got back on the same jakes which were working down into the field on top, 200 yards they get set up on the fence I start a lil sweet talk once again, 2 Jakes come on a dead sprint right to Cody and Aaron I still couldn't see em. They hang up on 30 yards form them 2 at the fence and wouldn't committ through the brairs and all Cody and Aaron could see was there heads bits and pieces!

Spot #4 happend to be #2 actually we jus went back for more shrooms \:D

Picking shrooms basically wasting time, Aaron on his cellphone one hammers 200 yards away, I ran to the got my mouth call threw something at him and he hammered, I said we are carrying this one out boys!!!! We get set up decoys and us I told cody if he comes in on my side and gets nervous he is getting shot but other than that he is all yours bro, I call a few more times and all within 20 minutes at the most me and Aaron had swwet talked a good bird right to Codys Gun barrel it was the purdiest thing I have ever seen, comes to my barrel at 30 yards turns toward bor and I drop my gun below my arm pit as he tucked behind a tree he is all yours Cody now go get him let the Mossberg Eat now!!!! Bird gets nervous seeing the strutter decoy and comes out of strut and starts off the field Aaron says to Cody if you want him let that thing eat, and Cody shoots at 40 yards aiming at his head which is all he had and shot through some dead grasses and a Wooven Wire fence, granted he had a tuff shot for a 1st time shot???

Spot #5 happend to be Spot #1

340pm we head back to the mornings start were the birds roost every day, I'm feeling very good about this going into it I'm thinking you know the good lord gave him a opportunity but he is due another, started into the woods and I said stop there is a bird, we hunker down and Aaron says thats a Tom, lets ease down to the creek bottom and let him calm down he has heard the truck anyways! Get to the bottom and all it took was 20 minutes and he was blowing the woods down with another Tom in tow 2 birds 100-125 yards open hardwood ridge not committing to us we cut the distance off 20 yards to make em think we are coming and maybe they will work the rest of the way and uh No, they jus stayed there hammering, finally got silent and went on bout there business!

Aaron got a text from his friend that had been hunting another place we drove by and seen Jakes on him earlieer that evenin! the text said I jus killed a Monster its a 13 inch beard!!

He showed it to me and I was honestly like BS man thats unheard of Aaron says well he said we will see him directly!! Nick gets to us and I didnt know this feller but there was something about him that told me he had infact put the smack down and a Tush Hawg, we get the truck after talking a lil bit and sharing the days stories and Nick pulls this bag outa the Suburban and instantly I see BIG TOES, BIG FEET, BIG BIRD, BIG BEARD, BIG SPURS........We congratulate him and go to measuring and I was the one that put the tape on him and if I'm lying I'm dying, he measured 12 5/8 if the tape slipped a bit it dont matter he is 12 1/2 anyways, a true BRUISER 4.5-5.5 yr old bird kinda reminded me of mine I killed 2 yrs ago with 1 3/8 spurs!!

Congrats Nick!!

Aaron thanks again brotha I look forward to sharing many more hunting memories in the woods with you my friend!

Lilspit, we tried our hardest and you did everything you coulda done, I don't know that your ole Brother coulda pulled that shot off myself \:\) but I sure did sound good on that mouth call today according to the birds!!!!

Great Friends & Good Times
<(((< Bowfish or NO FISH!