#3 goes down!!

had a few working this morning but they would never commit, so i decided to go out in the afternoon at my other spot out in Smith CO. was going to go set up where they had been roosting and try and get lucky. Got about 200yds from the spot i wanted to be and called once to see if they may already be there....GOBBLE.....he was just a 100yds out or so. I was in a pretty bad spot so i eased up the trail i was on till i found a spot where it was pretty flat and the bird would have to come around the corner of the trail to be able to see.....just as i got there GOBBLE!!! he was MUCH close and had covered alot of ground in a short time. Didnt have time to put out decoys so I just sat down on the side of the trail and hoped he would come around the corner to look. He gobbled again and was now just 50-60yds and sounded like he was on the trail. I hit him one good time with a few excited cuts just to seal the deal (prob already was sealed but it felt good). I could hear him around the corner of the trail Spitting and drumming (best sound in the world)....could hear him for about 2-3mins before i finally saw his fan pop up from the hill. Within seconds i see him come around the corner in full strut still spitting and drumming. At about 30yds he finally came out of strut and stuck his head up to look for me and BOOOOOM!!! let the Stoeger roar......2 flops and that was it.

man I had been in the woods for approx 30mins before i killed him, gosh i wish they were all that way. Super exciting and my heart just races when i can hear them spitting and drumming!!

11inch beard, 23lbs and 1 1/8 inch spurs


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