im sure there are a few people that hunt owl hollow on here. if you have hunted there have you ever seen anyone hunting out of a boat? ive seen this person or i think its the same person several times that rides around and owl hoots and crow calls in every cove and then takes off to the next cove and repeats. well the birds dont gobble at his calls they gobble at his outboard when he pulls in the cove and takes off so he cant hear them. this guy gets under my skin something terrible. i shot at a bird the middle of last week and missed and the bird flew across the lake. well i guess the bird had called the boat hunter in aswell as myself. so no sooner the dang bird flew across the lake dude fired up his boat and was in hot prusuit and blowing on the owl hooter. i wish i was making that up. im sure that dude is having a good time blowing on all his calls trying to get a gobble, but everytime i see him i wanna shove that crow call down his throat. whats everyone elses thoughts on hunting out of boats on public land? i personally think its a unfair advantage over people that only have pat and turn to get around on.

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