Took a first timer today. He had never see a turkey up close and personal so I took him to my lease and we made a rough 20 min ride in the mist and fog. Took a twenty min walk and I set the dekes out and fell up against a tree. It was no time we had birds popping off all around us. One was directly behind us and a group of 5 and a couple of hens in front of us. I told the rookie to get ready the bird behind us would join that big bunch. Sure enough the old long beard hit the ground and gobbled hard. I told rookie to be still then the bird hammered again standing right behind us about 2 feet. The rookie looked at me and I said don't move just don't move. Next thing I know the bird walks right by rookie at 10 steps and never saw us. I said shoot, Shoot, SHoot, SHOOTthe da... bird and he just sat there. By the time I got moved and on him he was two far away. My blood pressure went through the roof. I said What the he... are you doing. Why the he... did you not shoot. He said said I was waiting for you to tell me shoot...I started laughing so hard I cried. I said well just let a once in a life time bird just walk away. Next time SHOOOT. He asked was that a big one. I said Rookie..That bird had at least an 11 inch beard...We did not hear another bird all day.. Fog sat in and it rained until 8. I guess the rookie will learn but I bet he will Shoot next time after all the text messages I sent out kicking him to all his friends. All I can do is pray for the boy... ....I going back monday to kill that bird. \:D
Dream like you are going to live forever, Live like you are going to die tomorrow...James Dean