I just got back from Tennessee and had the opportunity to hunt some mountain birds. The first day I was hunting with my daughter near the crest of a mountain and we were looking down at the valley below. I called in one jake that came running in and went up the mountainside behind us looking for what was calling. I then spotted a flock of turkeys on a pasture on a mountainside to our right and I called and they came running. It was a flock of jakes. There was about ten of them and they mingled around the decoys and eventually left and went up the mountain behind us and over the crest. Heard a hen cackle on the other side of the valley and I cackle back on a box call and the hens went crazy and the gobblers started to gobble on the other side of the valley. The jakes that left earlier came back up over the mountain crest and came running back to the decoys and us. Good morning overall, even though we did not shoot anything. The next day my friend and his son climbed up and over a very steep mountain (donít know how many years I can keep doing this). Use an owl calls and located some birds on the roost and set up on them. Called in five jakes and one mature gobbler. I could not see itís beard because of the steep angle of the hill itís was coming up. My friends son was sitting about 15 feet to my left and was closer to the birds then I was and he did not shoot. The next thing that happens a pack of 6 coyotes came running out of the wood line and busted the flock of turkeys. The coyotes never came close enough for a shot. A little later we were calling it quits for the morning and when we stood up a coyote took off running away from us; it was in the process of sneaking up on our decoys. The third morning my friend was sitting on the side of a mountain in some hardwoods about 80 yards to my left, he called in 2 jakes that came within 5 feet of him. I called in two mature gobblers and they were coming up a ravine straight to me and I had my gun up and they stepped behind a large White Oak and I never saw them again. That morning it was raining lightly and it got colder and turned into snow. First time I have been turkey hunting in the snow. Did not shoot anything on the trip, but has a great time with family and friends. Stoner.

When I got back home to Florida I had two packages in the mailbox from fellow board members. I will post some pictures later after I talk to both of them. We have some very nice people on this board.

Photo of my daughter (age 14).

Pretty Boy Decoy In Front Of Where We Were Sitting.

Photo way taken at over a one half mile. It was taken from the mountain where I was sitting to the valley floor below.

Snow Pictures From Tennessee