Got to our usual spot this morning ME, Dad, and Papaw....started down the old faint road waiting for one to blow the woods down any minute....nothing.....waiting nothing.....finally I hear one in the area I heard one last weekend both days....Could it be him.... I'm killin him today I told dad no HOLDS BAR!!!! Eased within what I thought was a comfy but close and talkative distance from ole boy on the roost and told dad lets listen well sure enough he gobbles about 75-100 yards up the ridge, I jumped to the next road bed shelf type thingy \:D and told dad this bird is taking a ride this morning!! ;\) Musta gobbled 50 times.....while we were 100 yards from him, he flies down into the heavy dense fog and gobbles once....gobbles twice.....nada?????????? All the sudden the woods opened up with vocal hens and did I mention I HATED HENS!!!!

O well can't kill em all heck I can't even buy one at Krogers for that I had one in my hand yesterday in checkout line and they said wait a minute aren't you SPIT.....I'm sorry we can't sale you this????

Have a Good Weekend Boys and Girls I'm headed either tonight or in the morning early to meet up with Turkeyburd, THE ONE, and Blue5......Wish us Luck!!!!

Spit \:D
<(((< Bowfish or NO FISH!