I took this gobbler at about 7 am this morning. He flew down about 100 yds from my set up where I had my dekes which were 3 hens and a struttin tom decoy. It was almost like they were afraid of the gobbler decoy because they wouldnt come any closer than 70 yds. I had patterned my gun this spring all the way out to 60 yds so I knew where to hold the bead. I clucked, he stuck his head up and I shot. Two pellets hit him right in the side of the head and he flopped for about 5 minutes before he expired. I stepped it off and I was amazed that it was 70 steps!! Jellyhead and Win supreme #5 plus my trusty old 835 more than made me proud. I am taking a 10 year old boy this afternoon. I hope he can get the boss that we keep seeing! He weighed 20 lbs and had a 10 in beard and 1 in spurs. For sure not the biggest but by far the longest shot I have ever made.

Bowtech Destroyer Black Ops 340
Easton Axis 340
Slick Trick Magnum 125 grain