67 years old and got his first turkey ever!!

This is the guy thats responsible for my brother and i being the sportsmen we are today. Not only sportsmen,.. just men in general. In noway could we ever repay for all he has done for us ,.. but seeing the joy he had today ,.. i can't express how it makes me feel!!

He took a notion to try turkey hunting 4 or 5 years ago. My brother and i had been at it for a few years before ,. and he got interested. He went when he wanted, and just when he felt like it. Running and gunning he couldn't handle ,. but has the patience of a veteran deer hunter. He's been hunting the same hillside for over 40 years,.. and about 8 years ago there was a good field around 2 acres in size that the turkey loved. It became growed up in cedars and briars ,. so in febuary we went in with chainsaws and the tractor and cleared it back out. We stacked up some cedars to make us a blind and throwed in some ladino clover to spice up the area alittle. When finished ,.. i told him there would be a bird killed here if he would hunt it.
He made it in today around 11:30. At 12:45 he had a big goup of hens come in and following them was this longbeard. He got turned and dropped the bird at probably 20 yards.

He called me right away ,.. and hearing him talk about the hunt is something i will never forget. When he got to my house ,. the first thing out of his mouth was " i hadn't had a rush like that since my first deer way back in the day".He was still shaking when he got here!! Hearing and seeing the joy he expressed has made this a season i will never forget.
Its never to late is it!!
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