I seen this bird and 4 hens yest at 6 so i backed out I have seen him once before and he wouldnt leave the hens and my dad seen him and he wouldnt get close enough he stayed back with the hens so i called my buddy that kills the fire out of them and hunts every day of the season and asked him what he would do to kill it so i took his advice and got there this morning and set up he hit the ground and i bet he gobbled 30 or 40 times finally after it poured down rain he came to about 75 yards and went in the woods walked in front of me in the woods i was set up in the middle of the field in my blind and he come out of the woods and looked at the decoys and was about to leave when i dropped the hammer on the ole 10 ga on him. It was 54 steps to him from the blind. He had a 9 inch beard 7/8th inch spurs and was 23 pounds. Was thrilled to death to kill him and was back at the truck by 730

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