I had a great time hunting this weekend. I hunted with two juvys my son and a friend's son. We had a great saturday morning we walk to the top of a field early that morning and done a hoot owl call. Then two birds answered across the field on a small ridge. We moved in and setup with two dekes in front of us, the birds answered and cut off several tree yelps but the birds stayed on the roost a long time. While we were waiting them out I caught a movement to my left coming down the ridge. It was a coyote. When he made it to the field edge he put in stealth mode and made a b-line to the dekes. I told my son to shoot but the coyote busted him and ran out about 40 yards and stopped. So I shoot the yote before it got out of range. The birds continued to gobble but soon after that we heard hens yelping in the roost with them. The turks pitch out of the roost into another field but we did get to watch them from afar. It was a great hunt.
Hunt with your kids now. So that you don't have to hunt for them later