I rolled over at 5:20am opening day to flip my lap top open that was laying in bed with me to check the radar, which concluded me to close the lap top and go back to sleep. The sound of heavy rain at daylight made me feel better in my decision in not going. When I awoke I the rain was gone but the weather man kept saying heavy rain and possible hail. After studying the radar all mid morning long I decided that the rain was gone and so was I. At about 2:30 I grabbed my gear and headed to the mountain. I started off at the top and ended up about 150' from the bottom when I heard the first gobble on the other mountain side. I elected to stay on my side of the mountain to see if I could roost him or possibly call him in. After about 30 minutes I had the ol boy at about 15 steps. It's amazing how heavy those birds get when you've got about 800' to climb back to the truck, but it's worth it. I even had to take the pictures of myself.

it's a long way to the top if ya wanna rock 'n' roll