was rainin hard saturday morning before sunrise and just sat in the truck for a while till it slowed up. about 6 15 got out of the truck and headed towards the power lines. got there and the birds where going crazy and still on the roost. got set up and started doing some soft calls about ten mins later they fly down 75 yards of had the decoy out and the made a b line to us. 10 mins later first bird is on the ground. cousin shot him. his first long beard. 10 inch beard 1 1/4 spurs. got his bird and moved to another spot. had some birds strutting out in a feild and worked are way towards them got set up and me and guy i went to high school with bird roled two of them. Both 10 1/2 inch beards and mine had 1 1/2 razer blade spurs. his had 1 1/4 spurs. it was a great morning. not many morings when it works out that good. Didnt have a camera so didnt get any pics. wish i had tough.