Opening day I met one of my friends at his farm. It was raining so hard at daybreak we sat on the porch of his barn and listened for the birds to start... They Didn't. About 7:30 we head out in a light sprinkle. He goes high I go to the bottoms. I set my decoys and took a seat. 20 minutes go by and I hear a shot behind me and on top of the ridge... My buddy scored!! I decided to wait it out before checking on him... 6 birds flew over my head after his shot. Called off and on all morning. A couple of hens came in to my decoys but no gobblers. About 9:30 I hear a distant gobble. I debate whether to go after him or stay set up at my crossing field.... Decided to move. Moved 40 yard and guess who I walk into... He sees me about the same time I see him and away he goes. That was day one... (Buddy got a jake).

Second day with a different friend on a different farm. We arrive at our parking spot at 5:30ish. We load up and strike out to our chosen calling sites. We go about 10 yards. Had to cross a creek swollen from the rain. Had not even loaded our guns and I try to cross. Before I even thought it. I was face down in 12 inches of water. That was the end of day two and it wasn't even daylight yet. Had to go home for a change of clothes and decided I was done for the day.

Next week....Next week... I hope.
"The future of bowhunting depends on effective education"..... Bill Wadsworth

A mere shadow of the man I once was... Me!