Pretty quiet out there this morning with the exception of the wind blowing. First thing to come by was 3 bucks, one still carrying his rack. About 10 i glance over and see a wing coming through the thick stuff. Start purring and the hen answers right back. Gave a few yelps and the old gobbler starting blowing the side of the ridge off. Hen came right on into the dekes so i figured hed be right behind. He showed up in range but it was a little too thick for my liking so i waited. Hen trotted around the dekes and took off with the tom in tow. He kept gobbling his head off but just wouldnt come on in. About 25 min later i hear something running up the ridge to get away from the traffic on the road. Another tom working his way in to check out what was going on up there. He pops into view about 15 steps and thats all it took. 20lbs 13oz, 9 1/4" beard and 7/8" spurs

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