I woke up yesterday morning to the rain pooring down. I decided to go back to sleep and get up about six or so. Well I didn't wake up until seven and could tell the rain had stopped. I got to the farm I was going to hunt at around 8 and made my way to the back of the property. I sat in one spot and called for about 45 minutes off and on and finally at about 8:45 I got an answer back up on the ridge behind me. First gobble of the day. I tried to hurry and get up on the ridge and get level with him but I wasn't able to get there in time by the time I was 25 yards from the top of the ridge he hammered again and had more than cut the distance in half. I sat down stuck B-mobile in the ground next to me with his butt facing the ridgetop and gave some soft yelps and clucks. He hammered just on top of the ridge in front of me. A hen came down off of the ridge, got within ten yards of me and began putting. She headed back over the ridge. I figured this party was over. I gave a couple of jake yelps on my mouth call and I saw the tom's big ol tomato head stick up over the ridge. He saw b-mobiles tail fan and stretched his head on up about a foot over the ridgetop, I unloaded my new nitro shells at 25 yards and it was all over. 10'' beard 1'' spurs 21 lbs
The best thing about this hunt was my brother in law was with me who was in from MI had never been hunting before. He just kept saying " That was so awesome! That was so awesome !" I was just thankful I was able to hide him. He's about 6'5" 265 lbs! I'd been wondering for a week how I was going to hide him in the bushes \:D

I'll post picks later.
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