I had a game plan for this morning but I guess the dense fog caused it to fail. Sparse gobbling and at 8:30, no turkeys. We opted to move to a tree more in center of field to lessen our chances of being busted. No more than got set up when Michael says her they come. 30 birds, 3 longbeards passed by the tree we had been at 15 minutes ago.We had to watch from 100+ yards while he strutted his stuff. We had 11 jakes mingling around us and could have doubled on them several times. Finally they were leaving the big field, went back by our first set up and back to the woods. We were going to wait on the jakes to leave and we were going to do the same when low and behold they come back to the field and start working in our direction. Big boy starts chasing jakes and they are getting around us and we are in open field. Sticky stuff.I told Michael to lay down and crawl to other side of the tree. He did and immediatly I saw a fan. Bird got within 55 yards, marginal at best so he passed. I called softly and saw jakes coming up the ridge and then the white head. Gobbler turned and came looking and the rest is history. 20 yards and was coming closer. 22lbs, 9.5 and 1". Great thrill to get the boss out of a flock that has 16 hens. Good shooting, son!