a depth finder only..... to search for drop offs, humps, etc. i have a eagle claw 168 fish finder and it works really well reading bottom, but not so good for finding fish

maybe its because i have it in sesame street mode, you know the mode when it shows the pic of a fish when it detects something, or do i just need one of those XRGT1000-HD on a 10 year payment plan. \:D

the only reason im askin is that a week ago me and a buddy were fishin in upper cordell hull in back of a small cove, when a deep v hull center console w trolling poles came in the cove and started motoring shore to shore back and forth lookin for the lost cumby titanic or something and moving twards us, obviously he was looking for rockfish, but man out of thousands of coves here he had to scan this one, we decided to reel in and leave before the tidal wave hits us. as we were leavin i saw that XRGT1000-HD fish finder on his boat and right when we were at the mouth of the cove there was another one, a same exact boat doin the same thing on the main channel, they must be striper guides...a rude one at that.
Down in a hollor....son