This past weekend was the last youth hunt for my baby. Now it may not be a big deal to some or to him either but for me it is just another reminder that my baby is growing up and not far from becoming a man.
I didn't have much time to hunt with him Saturday morning and for that it could had been the reason he wasn't able to connect with a bird of his choice.
Oh we had birds I ain't talking that we had a few but I mean we had a lot of birds.
I do believe this was a hunt I will remember for the rest of my life.
We heard gobble after gobble seemed like an hour of gobbling and hen chatter. At one point I asked Hunter when do you think we will see them?
They were roosted across the field from us on a bluff under that bluff is a creek and a pretty good sizes field that i have seen them fly down on many times before. If they had flown down in that field we wouldn't had seen any of them.
My son and I was sharing a big split tree, he was facing the field and I was right beside him with my back to the field. I was just relaxing and enjoying the turkey music when I heard a sound I haven't heard very much or should I say I haven't heard it from they bird that makes it very much, I have heard it when people make it trying to get a location of a gobbler. Hoot owls, Good God they make a beautiful sound. I think maybe there was 6 different ones. I even asked Hunter was that really Hoot Owls or someone making that sound? lol

So now the Birds come off the roost, in fact we seen them fly down into the field we were hoping for but after they fly down we lost sight of them and for a min we still didn't know if they would come our way over the null or go toward the creek or where. After a moment and some good calling from Hunter I hear Hunter say, OH my God! I thought for a min well that could mean anything like a Coyote or Deer but I was sure hoping it was turkeys. I turned to see and couldn't believe my eyes. The field was Black of these birds and they were all coming top of the null. If you seen the Movie Lonesome Dove and seen the heard of cattle they were moving up north from Texas you would know what I mean when I say it reminded me of that heard of cattle. Of course my batteries were dead in my camera or I would have posted a picture with this post or that flock that was right at a 100 yards if not a little more away from us.
Hunter was having a good conversation with a hen and it seemed to be bring them right over to us until a shot rang out from the kid hunting the property next to us. They decided they didn't want to come any closer and went back the way they came from.
However the hunt wasn't over cause the flock of birds from were the kid shot came to us and we got some more action.
We had maybe a group of 10 hens coming to us and Hunter was pitching a fit cause he didn't want to play with the hens and wanted to get right down to business with a longbeard. Even said if they come up this way I am gonna throw rocks at them unless I see a bearded hen. They went away from us except one and she was heading our way and didn't look like she wasn't stopping.
Hunter wasn't even looking her way anymore and in fact he was gathering his stuff to move, when I told him son that hen that is coming just went out of strut. \:D
That got Hunters attentions and he asked me to tell him when he came bring his gun back into positions. He stopped at the cattle feeders and pecked around a bit so I told him he needed to get ready and walk the bird down the barrel.
Hunter was focused on this bird and he started making his way again. We both were so focused on him and thought this was it when all of a sudden 2 more long beards come from where the kid shot and ran that bird off. We both laughed so hard about that cause we know better to not pay attention to the surroundings in a case like this. We glanced the field again and seen even more birds but they were to far away.
By this time work was already calling me and I hated so bad to tell him that I had to go. He begged me to leave him but he knew I couldn't do that.
Told him starting next week son I can do that just not today. lol

Oh man I hope this saturday will be as good as this past saturday.