Here is a picture of Blake's first turkey killed under the direction of the notorious WM. The scene of the demise of this fine ole bird is the farm where the WM had lured a nice tom to a rendezvous with death last year. The WM demonstrated to Blake the fine art of calling like a Southern belle hen. Unfortunately, no gobbler answered the sweet yelps. The WM decided to change locales to another farm, so they started down the hill to the truck. Quess who decided to fly over, the WM's ole friend Charlie Crow. As Charlie called out his greetings, two toms also joined in the afternoon melodious harmony. Suddenly the battle scene shifted back up the hill.The WM was not one to look a gift crow in the crop! The WM knew it was a tall order to lure these wood wise warriors off the neighboring farm, but he wasn't going to let Blake down. The WM set up his favorite lady of the woods, and her young jake boyfriend. The WM had added a real fan to the jake for that special affect. Blake was placed into position, and instructed to hold down his movements. The birds sounded several hundred yards across the neighbor's field. The WM's plan of attack was to lure these would-be lovers up the hill to Blake's position along side an old road. Blake had never shot the WM's trusty 12 ga Remmie, but he was instructed to put the red dot sight on the unlucky tom's warty ole head, and that bird was going for a ride in a toyota tundra. Blake had practiced some using his dad's 12 ga. The WM started out with a few yelps on his Lynch Fool Proof Hen boxcall, and threw in some yelps on a Woodhaven Red Wasp mouth call. Those ole boys loved the sound of that music. Gradually, gobbling and moving in Blake's direction, here comes the love birds. Suddenly, the toms were spotted in the neighbor's field. Wouldn't you know it, those guys had some company-- several yacking hens. Well, that didn't faze the WM. He just sweetened the pot with some fast cuts on the mouth call. That did the trick, the whole entourage' started in Blake's direction. As the company closed the distance, the WM had Blake to slightly change his position, to make it easier for him to shoot more to his right. Suddenly, those two suitors got into a in-your-face brawl! The scene was not visible to Blake, but the distinctive sound of fighting purrs was audible for the whole woods to hear. After the spur fight, the two want-to-be lovers must have decided they would share the phony hen. Here they come up the hill. The WM kept them gobbling with some soft purrs on a Woodhaven slate call. Suddenly with the sound of thunder, the gobblers were in the road, down hill from Blake. The strutting tom was on the left,but slightly hidden . The WM, not wanting to take a chance on spooking the birds, especially since this was Blake's first turkey rodeo, gave the command to take the bird on the right. The roar of the 3 inch Remmie, stoked with # 6 Winchester HV shells, echoed down the hill. That ole tom hit the ground like he had been slapped in the face with a bass fiddle. Blake's first bird was now his reward for doing all the right things as the WM had instructed him. Upon examination, it was discovered that this bird with 1 inch spurs only had a 5 inch bird. It appeared the beard had been victim to beard rot. Never the less, the WM and Blake were equalled joyous with this harvest of a 20 lb tom turkey. The WM felt privileged to share in this historic moment, a hunter taking his first turkey. There will never be a first turkey for Blake again, but this won't be the last you hear of this young turkey hunter. Turkey hunting is contagious once a young hunter experiences the blessed gift of a harvested bird that God has supplied for our tablefare. The WM encourages all hunters to take a young person turkey hunting. We need the next generation if we want our proud American heritage to continue. By the way, Blake's dad, who has never killed a turkey, wants the WM to take him opening day. That's gonna cost him, LOL !! The WM says good luck and be safe.