I fished the Grants Sporting Goods tournament today on Chickamauga. I won't bore you with all my details on short fish and the ones that got away. I will tell you about the huge fish I saw at the weigh in. 5 fish limit. I saw 6 Large Mouth over 7 pounds, 3 Small Mouth over 5 pounds. These fish were fat and healthy.

The tournament paid 10 places. You had to weigh in right at 20LBS to even get in the money. The winning bag was 25.11. The big fish was 8.77.

The CBA Tournament on Chickamuga yesterday was won with 31 pounds.

Chaickamauga is producing some hogs this year.
I make good money, I help the Family, but one thing must be understood, I would never go against the Godfather. Ruger is a man I respect. Luca Brasi