It was opening weekend here in southern miss(Gulf coast) and dispite crappy weather in the AM I called up a coyote around 10:30 and two hens at about 2:30.It's been a ruff few years while learning the ropes and being stationed all over the place doesn't really help, having to learn a certain way to hunt in TN & VA and then having to change that for a new area.Turkey hunting in Mcminn Co didn't really take off till after I left in "99" and my papaw ,who taught me the ins and outs of the deer woods ,had to travel to the mountains just to kill a deer back in the old days so turkey hunting was the least of his worries and something new to me.I always relyed on someone else to call and tell me where to go and what to do.I end up here with a few buddies that are just like me, who live and breath the woods,so naturely being the most experianced at it I acted as if I knew more than I did ,and with a lot of patiance on thier part and frustration on mine it all seems to be coming together.They all know how hard the birds here are to hunt and we had a better time today than all of last season and we didn't even hear one single gobble.Can't wait to call one up at home in a few weeks.

P.S.We're going to put in for gator tags soon and I don't think any of us could BS our way through that one.cross your fingers

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