Wondering what I should do. I bought a Mossberg 535 last year and killed a bird with it a few days later. As everyone knows these Mossberg's almost bring tears to your eyes. It's one thing when a few people say that, but every review I read on one says the same thing. And I know people say that you don't think about it when that bird is down the barrel, which is true, but I do remember that thing put a whollop on me when i shot that bird. I'm kind of small framed, tall and lanky. I don't want to dread shooting my gun all the time, and i would like something my wife can shoot too. Question is, there is a guy on another forum with an 870 super mag for sale and i think it's a good price. Should i maybe buy this gun and sell my 535? Would a recoil pad help enough to make the 535 well enough to shoot? Looking for some ideas. Thanks
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