Went out to the river again today and braved the cold and wind and caught a couple. It was very tough fishing today. We didn't catch anything for a mile or two. I switched back to my old faithful and then hooked into a MONSTER on a little 5'4" All Star. It wouldn't fit into the net. Then Kimberman hooked into a HUGE trout. It spent most of the time out of the water then in. When he got it to the boat I tried to net it and it wouldn't fit and then came off. He caught another that wouldn't fit in the net, but thankfully we got it in for a pic. I need to get a bigger net. Here are some pics of the fish. All of them were released unharmed. Thank goodness we have a slot limit.
Kimberman's 24" Brown

My 28" Brown

Winchester Model 70 Stainless Left Hand .270 Win.
McMillan Edge
Talley Lightweights
Zeiss Victory Varipoint #60 Illuminated