Myself and cdtac1 from here on the site went out to Glenn Springs yesterday. Found huge balls of threadfin shad busting the surface in 25-35 ft of water. Water temps were 54-58 degrees. Bass were showing up on the graph suspending under the fish from 5-20 ft deep. I caught the first few by casting a 1/2 oz trap past the school and stopping it and yo-yoing it back to the boat. Caught several like that. Switched to a swarming hornet 1/2 oz lead head jig with a tiny willow leaf blade on it and tipped it with an albino Lake Fork magic shad and just mixed up dead sticking it, jigging it and swimming it. It literally seemed like I had a fish every cast for about an hour. The balls of shad finally went deeper and we switched to suspending jerkbaits and wore em out that way. Whatever size the first couple fish were in that school was indicative of the size of the entire school. Flat wore out the 2-3 lbers. Most all were around 16-18 inches long. A boat with 2 women pulled up and we're trying to crappie fish with minnows and I swear I never saw em catch a crappie, but they flat wore the bass out. I know they caught 2 or 3 around 4 lbs. I ended up with 29 fish and I think cdtac1 had at least 20. Awesome day. Here's a few pics.

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