I am so happy I could just chaneylake someone's thread for absolutely no reason. \:D

Missed last year because I never could get my garbage in order.
However, THIS year, in just over 6 weeks stretch and I will be heading back to God's country and we will be spending a day or so fishing with rsimms !
I know it sounds like a commercial and heck it may very well be, but if you haven't booked your trip for this year, or any year for that matter, you NEED TO.
You will not spend a better day on the water.
People at work look at me like I am nuts when I tell them I am going a little over 4 hours one way to go catfishing.
I tell them all, book a trip and THEN tell me you won't go that far. \:D
Really looking forward to yet another trip.

Click here for more info or to book a trip.

I don't mind really pushing now, since I have my date locked in. \:D

If you do go holler and I will hook you up with a VERY nice and affordable hotel that is literally MINUTES from the boat dock where you will meet up with Mr. Simms
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