Rumor has it that Mark Twain once said "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco." The coldest day I have spent on the river was a 65 degree day on the Chickamauga.

I hit the water with Nimrod777 this afternoon for some Smallie fishing. The weather forecast said it would be CLEAR and 71 this afternoon. The only time it reached 71 was when turned the heater on when I left the boat ramp.

Me and Nim are scooting across the pond at a roaring 50 MPH which
made the "feels like" temp about 10 below. \:D (We could've gone faster but neither one of us wanted to).

We slung every lure we had, tried several areas and between the two of us we got two bites. I did have what felt like a nice fish
take off with a slow rolled spinner bait but he spit it back out.
I make good money, I help the Family, but one thing must be understood, I would never go against the Godfather. Ruger is a man I respect. Luca Brasi