I had a bird last year that kept roosting on this big wooded hill that was surrounded by cow pastures. When I would go to one side and set up, he would fly down on the other. When I would go to the other side and set up, he would fly down where I was the previous morning. I got a buddy of mine to come with me, he sat up on one side, I sat up on the other, and the tom went between us! I got up on the hill with him one morning and some how he circled around me and got directly behind me about 20 yards or so( I almost got him that time.) but he managed to slip away without me getting a shot. the way to his roost site,but I rarely have time to hunt in the evenings. What would you do if you were in a situation with a bird like this one? I would try the afternoon hunt on him and try to get him on
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