I have a benilli nova with a mad maxx choke.

i've been pleased in shooting 3" #5 out of it, pretty good patters, shot multiple turkeys at various ranges, 25 yards to 55 yards. Either Remington Nitros or Premiums (mostly premiums, the $13 box)

I had a old #6 Winchester supreme that use to shoot with my 870 So i shoot it with the nova just for kicks and giggles. The pattern was a bit tighter! Couldn't believe the difference.

Tonight, my brother in law bought some federal 3" #6 shells and wanted me to try one. Yet again a way tighter pattern.

Now i'm thinking of switching to #6's.

Now for the questions!

Are you giving up my knockdown power in the #6's vs. the #5?

Will or should you get better or less distance in the #6s vs the #5s?

Is there any negatives between the two?


( I know just shoot and see but I wanted to see opinions on here)

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