First let me say I once fished every tournament I could get to. I haven't fished one in years.

Now. Most of the professional fishermen I have run into, the ones who do that for a living, have been super nice and polite. I even had one stop on OH one day and ask if I needed help. I had the cowling open on my motor and he thought I had engine trouble. I was just adding oil. But I remembered that. He did not have to stop. I told him about a cove I thought he could catch a few big bass in if he would wait until noon or later to fish it. He laughed and said, "They were sure in it yesterday".

I have had very few problems on Center Hill or Dale H. But on PP and OH, the weekend warriors can be real cloacas and I have had some serious words with them when they assume that this is "their bank" or just because they have sponsor patches everywhere they have priority.

But nothing a tournament fisherman has ever done compares with the dam jet skis. I am glad they finally opened the season on them.

Constipation has ruined many a good day. Not as many as stupidity, though.