i meant to put this on here a long time ago but forgot. I have a very good buddy of mine that is a wildlife biologist out in OK but is from here in TN. He makes his own calls and they are fantastic. Besides a few woodhaven calls I carry I usually only carry ones I get from him especially his tube calls. His strikers are outstanding and the best part is you can pick what wood you want any of the made out of. If you want a picture under the glass of your call for nostalgic purposes he can do that was well. Anyways check it out if it sounds interesting.

he does duck calls as well and even hand carved duck calls. One he did 2 years ago won the NWTF show here in Nashville for best hand made duck call.

http://www.simmonscalls.com/id15.html here is a link to the turkey calls but you can navigate around the site to other stuff if you want.

anyways with all the talk about calls and what people like i just thought i would share.

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