I recently bought a Mossberg 535 Tactical Turkey gun. Anyone shooting these things? Very compact and light gun and the adjustable length butt stock is nice. I'm new to turkey hunting so I'm going through a little "trial and error" getting this thing set up with shells and chokes. It came factory with a .670 ported choke. It seems to do O.K. at 25/30 yds. You can forget it at 50yds. I've tried Winchester Supreme 3.5" 2oz. #4,#5, and #6. One thing I can say about all these is they kick the crap out of you. I swear if you could shoulder a cannon and have someone light the fuse it wouldn't kick any harder than this gun does. I bought a .660 choke to try when my cheek heals up and the swelling goes down. Any info. on this gun would be greatly appreciated.
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