Guys, any help would be greatly appreciated. I am in a bad spot with my turkey season right around the corner.

We lost an incredible turkey property two years ago due to the landowner literally clear cutting everything on the property. I am in-line to join a club that Im very excited about but they will not have a membership available until next year, they are full.

I only hunt turkeys and ducks, so I am just a donator during deer season. I am a safe, responsible, and ethical hunter with 25 years experience chasing the elusive longbeard.

I live in the Memphis area so anywhere within a hundred miles or so would work. Does anyone know of a club or property owner willing to lease me hunting rights from March 28th May 10th? I know there are great public properties but those areas can be so busy and the birds are so pressured that a lot of the time you are watching and hunting for other hunters as much as you are the birds.

Thanks for your help. Sorry for bothering yall with this, I really thought the other club mentioned above was a lock until today. I hate feeling like the nomad hunter without a home.

If you have anything or know of anything, shoot me an e-mail and I will send you my cell number. . .

Thanks again,