The Caney is definitely slumping. Numbers of big fish are WAY down from what they were 6-8 months ago. I'm still seeing decent numbers of browns up to 17", but hits and "drive-bys" from the real trophy class fish have dwindled to a fraction of what they were before Oct./Nov.

I'm hearing unconfirmed rumors that TWRA did a new shocking survey b/n the Dam and Happy and turned up nothing better than a single 24" brown. There are still a few big fish, to be sure, but they've been thinned out to a tiny fraction of what they were last spring. Looks like Tubakka's disciples of "pound 'em with jerkbaits and harvest all the legal browns for the grill" are providing us with the inevitable result of an 18" size limit: a 17" fishery.

More detailed report:


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