From the Cumberland Chapter of TU...

This month we are doing our TU monthly meeting in Murfreesboro, TN on Monday Feb 16! After many comments and requests, TU is branching out to meet our Middle Tennessee members in their backyard. We look forward to seeing those TU members who travel to Nashville as well as other TU members who haven't had the opportunity make our monthly meetings in Nashville due to time and distance. As always, the public is invited.

In addition to Steve Nix, our featured speaker for the evening, I have asked Jason Henegar, Fishery Biologist from TWRA to update those in attendance on the Status of the Elk River and TWRA plans for the Elk River in 2009. Jason has gotten off to a fast start as TWRA's Rivers and Streams Coordinator since joining TWRA in 2008. If you have not had the opportunity to meet Jason, then please come and give him a warm welcome. I promise you his knowledge and dedication to the fishery will be readily apparent. Please come and learn more about the Elk River, one of our best kept tailwater secrets in Middle Tennessee!

Streamer Fishing Tactics

Whether you are fishing a Wooly Bugger or Clouser Minnow, conventional wisdom has always said, "...the easiest way to catch a big fish on a fly is on a streamer, a wet fly that imitates a small baitfish that larger fish feed on." If you can cast 20 feet, you can catch fish in streams and rivers on a streamer. You can even strip line off the reel and into the water and let the flies drift in the current and catch fish. The line swims the fly, making it look like a swimming baitfish. However, are tenets really true? Well, to find out the answer to this question and how best to tie an effective streamer yourself, you'll need to attend the November meeting of Trout Unlimited and learn from one of the best streamer fisherman in these waters, i.e., Steve Nix, local guide.

Come Learn about Streamer Fishing Tactics

If you would like to hear more fishing streamers better, then you'll want to welcome Steve Nix of Fly South and Jason Henegar of TWRA at the next TU meeting, Monday Feb 16, 2009 at Logan's Roadhouse, 740 NW Broad Street in Murfreesboro, TN 615-895-4419 . Need a map or directions, <<---Click here, I'm a Link & enter your location-->>.

Social hour at 6 pm/dinner with presentation at 7 pm.
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