". . . . ports that greatly reduce recoil . . . ."


How does porting reduce recoil?

Last year I purchased my first true modern "turkey" gun.
(Most of my turkeys have been killed in the past with shotguns most turkey hunters would laugh at --- but the turkeys didn't.)

Anyway, I did extensive pattern testing last year with a ported "Jellyhead" tube, as well as the factory extra-full tube which came with the gun. I never noticed any difference in the recoil, and no significant difference in the pattern densities.

In fact, I wound up just using the factory choke because it didn't stick out as far and didn't have a "shiny" finish like the "Jellyhead". I should have just said "no" and returned that "Jellyhead" tube, as no way was I hunting with such a "shiny" object stuck on the end of my barrel.