Approximately 200 turkeys intentionally poisoned in Oconto County

DNR: 200 Turkeys Poisoned
Saturday, February 7, 2009 --- 1:52 a.m.

(AP) -- The state Department of Natural Resources says more than 200 wild turkeys have been intentionally poisoned on private land in northeast Wisconsin.

Regional Warden Byron Goetsch says investigators have a suspect but no arrests have been made.

Goetsch said the birds were poisoned with food left out as bait on land west of Pound in Oconto County. He declined comment on a motive.

Goetsch says the turkeys died at different times over a period of time, and a citizens tip led wardens to the dead birds.

Many of the turkeys were eaten by other wildlife, leaving just carcasses and feathers, but the other wildlife is not in danger based on the poison investigators believe was used.

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