thought I share my first turkey with you guys and learn how to post pictures at the same time. After hunting turkeys for 7 years and having several mess up's I got the monkey off my back on opening day last year. Me and Plott1 got on this bird after he roosted it the night before and within 30 minutes after daylight he called it and another one into range and BOOM he was down.He could have shoot the other one but decided it was too young and we hadn't seen many turkey's on his place. And I'll go ahead and tell on myself but when I shot him I got so excited that I forgot I had tobacco in my mouth and swollowed the whole dip, needless to say I didn't care.And to make it better I couldn't think of anyone else I would wanted to be there then him,it makes the hunt that much better when you can do it with your best friend.It weight 21lbs had two beards one three inches long and another five inches,and 3/4 inch spurs.Not the big tom I'm wanting but I'll get him and hopefully some more this year.
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