Today was my first foray to see if any pre-spawn crappie are starting to move into the creeks on Chickamauga Lake.

They are!

Me and Ed McCoy smoked 'em good.

We were honestly surprised. We started fishing about 7:45 and put our 30th keeper in the boat at 1:30. We caught roughly a 1:1 ratio of keepers to throwbacks... and had four fish that were 14-inches-plus (two were 14 & 7/8ths, but wouldn't quite stretch to TARP length)

The overwhelming majority (app. 25) were white crappie... a really big surprise to me. It was the most white crappie I've put in the boat on Chickamauga Lake in several years.

The majority came from 9 to 13 feet of water on a flat adjacent to the creek channel. Trolling 16th oz. tube jigs... chartreuse, yellow/chartreuse & red/chartreuse were the best colors (note "chartreus" was the common element).

It was never fast and furious, but using the slow & steady "tortoise" approach... we just kept hammering away on them. It was great fun and a pleasant surprise since we both went figuring it was going to be more of a "scouting trip" than a "catching trip."

Which means of course that life is good and gettin' better every day!
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