I am somewhat of a traditional hunter when I hunt spring gobblers. I make and collect calls. I do not have a large collection but it keeps growing every year. Below are my top choices for this year:
Albert Paul makes a fantastic call. I have killed several gobblers with that call. The very first time I used that call, I saw a gobbler fly out of the roost 200 yards away and I called him right in. Tim Clayton makes a some very nice calls that are reasonable price. It is a very high quality call for the money. He is an up and coming call maker. Jerry White, a.k.a. Dad’s Calls make a fine box call. Below are a few pictures.

Tim Claytons one sided called made with persimmon and Florida cherry.

Florida Cracker Call made by Tim Clayton made with Florida cypress, Florida maple, and Florida cedar.

Below is a great box call made by Albert Paul. The box is persimmon and the paddle is curly maple.

Below is one of Jerry White’s custom calls made from cedar with a purple heart paddle.