I've been following the threads where captian hook and Wes have suggested using a modified choke instead of a turkey choke while hunting. I currently shoot a Madd Max choke but since 100% of my kills have been within 30 yards, I've often thougt about going to a factory full choke, I've just never gone out and patterned my gun for it. It looks like the next half way decend day, I'll be getting my gun out and seeing how it patterns with a modified and full chokes at 25 yards and closer.

But, my question is, Is there any advantage to shooting a larger shot like a 4, or would the smaller shot size of a 6 be just as effective at these ranges? Lets say they both produced a basketball size pattern at 25 yards. Because the 6 shot has a higher pellet count, it would have more pellets in the heck and head, but the 4 shot is a heavier shot with more "knock-down" power to it. Is the "knock-down" power neccessary at this yardage?