I've been turkey hunting 4 times over the last two years. I'm not experienced but I do know some of the basics. Although I've never taken a shot at a turkey, in 2 of my 4 hunts I called in a bird. The first time was a call-shy tom who caught me with my gun in my lap and the slat in my hand...spooked him when I tried to get a shot at 15 yards. The second one, and last time that I went, I called in a tom with a hen, sounded like I pulled him in from around 100 or so yards before he got hung up in the holler before he got to me. Both experiences fired me up and got me hooked. But unlike deer hunting, I have no idea what is supposed to happen after the shot? Nobody has ever told me anything about it and the only things that I've read stop with, "...be quick to get to the bird, step on his head, grab him by the legs and give a quick, sharp jerk..."

After the bird is dead...What's next? Will a meat processor take care of it? Is it really easy to remove the feather, tail feathers, beard and spurs?

I'm a little embarrassed to say that I've been hunting with intent to harvest....with no idea of what to do next. I'm normally not that stupid!