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I found that Fiocci nickle plated #6 is awesome and inexpensive.
Well, Tim, based on your recommendation, I just ordered about $100 worth of various Fiocci loads for testing. \:\)

So the Fiocci nickel plated shot should be harder and penetrate deeper than copper plated?
If I'm thinking right, a #6 nickel plated pellet might penetrate comparably to a #5 standard lead (non-plated) pellet?

I also just ran across this:
Federal Mag-Shok® HEAVYWEIGHT® Turkey

The shot in these loads is being advertised as 30% heavier than lead.
They're available in shot as small as #7, and Federal states their #7 HEAVYWEIGHT® Turkey pellets have the same energy per pellet at 40 yards as a #5 standard lead pellet.

Anyone tried any of these?