I should at least get the satisfaction of having posted something dirty if it's going to get pulled. \:\)

I'll recap...

There are some fly tying clinics at Fly South Fly Shop, but I don't recall what or when (probably why the thread got deleted now that I think of it).

All fly flingers are limp wristed. Emily Whitlock said I was particularly limp wristed, but that's okay cause she tied me up.

All bait chunkin', baitcastin', stick flippin', meathuntin' weenies are redneck fly boy wannabees.

Especially Radar and the good Dr. Dickel. \:D

Fly chunkers have to use a Boga grip with a 4-inch largemouth.

That particular fly boy is the only fisherman on the face of the earth that doesn't know the "hold the fish out toward the camera" trick.

I will add one more important fact.
We fly tossers often don't catch much but we look good doing it. That's all that matters with the ladies. \:D
It is not the killing ...; it is the contest of skill and cunning. The true hunter counts his achievement in proportion to the effort involved and the fairness of the sport.

Dr. Saxton Pope