I have a Fred Bear Vapor 300 28" draw 70lbs draw wieght with whrisker biscuit. 26" Easton 2312 xx78 super slam with 75grain mini blasters.My bow shoots around 290 fps i have shoot five deers with this setup all less than 30yds without a pass thru granted one of those shots i hit the front shoulder.Out of those five i lost three of them and the one i lost this year was a nice eight and that was final straw. I have the whole thing on video and it makes me sick everytime i watch it i make a great shot right behind the shoulder at 25 yds away but no pass thru bled off and on and never found him cause lack of blood. No doubt he went off and die and it makes me sick. Want some help guys what do i need to change? Is my arrow and boardhead to light of a setup or what.Any advice is greatly appreciated.